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Personal injury lawsuits following a DUI accident require more intense investigation than almost any other type of case. In order to make sure that your case is thoroughly analyzed, and to make sure that your rights are protected by an aggressive and effective advocate, you need a tiger on your side.

Injured By A Drunk Driver? Get A Tiger On Your Side.

At The Vance Law Firm, P.C., our tigers — the lawyers who forcefully stand up for our clients’ best interests and conduct in-depth personal injury investigations — have more than 25 years of legal experience and have helped numerous clients who were injured in drunk driving accidents.

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Montgomery County Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

An exhaustive investigation is necessary for drunk driving lawsuits not only to build a strong personal injury case but also to see if there are other parties who may be liable for your injuries. For example, our lawyers check to see if your case involves:

  • Dram shop liability: If the drunk driver who ran into you or your loved one was over-served, the owner of the bar or another establishment may be liable under the Dram Shop Act.
  • Serving or buying alcohol for a minor: If a bar serves a minor, a liquor store sells alcohol to a minor, or if someone purchased the alcohol for the minor, there may be an additional claim in your case.
  • Previous DUI cases: When the person who caused your accident has had DUI accidents before, there is value added to your claim.

It is important to have an experienced attorney look into the facts and background surrounding your case as soon as possible. When we represent you, our service is supported by The V Guarantee, meaning we will work hard to get you all the compensation you deserve and will not charge you anything unless we successfully get a monetary recovery for you!

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